London Flood Restoration

Get Back on Track With The Water Damage Restoration

Welcome to the website of one of the leading water damage restoration and repair companies operating in the beautiful borough of Chelsea and beyond. You'll be pleased to know you're on to a winner if you find yourself in need of flood damage repair. If you've found yourself with a foot of water in your home, whether it's the result of a burst water pipe, a tap left running or rising flood water you're guaranteed an immediate response when you give us a call. We've teams of engineers, cleaners and builders who'll restore your home and reduce further damage quickly and efficiently and it won't cost the earth. We've an abundance of experience, skilful people and the latest technology to deliver the only real answer.

A Flood Damage Repair Company Renowned for Quality Service

You need to be quick when faced with the need of flood damage repair in Chelsea or you'll find yourself up to the neck with costly bills. The same applies whether your property is commercial or residential. We've highly trained, experienced and qualified veterans of the industry ready and waiting for your call. We keep your property, both inside and outside, free from further damage and work tirelessly to restore it to its pre-damage condition. You can also expect to receive the following benefits:

  • An immediate response day or night, including weekends and bank holidays
  • We're a fully insured provider with the skills to match
  • Our competitive prices won't add to the stress of the situation
  • More than 10 years experience of dealing with flood damage, water damage, carpet cleaning, pest control and more
  • Modern equipment and cutting edge technology for superior results
  • We cover most London boroughs and the South East of England

We encourage our customers to tell us about their experiences with our services as the only way we can grow is to understand their needs. Read the latest comments on our reviews to learn more.

Carpet Cleaning, Pest Control, Mould Removal and More in Chelsea

We understand you'll need more than just removal of any water so we've included mould removal and more in our affordable flood damage repair schedule. Our holistic package includes:

  • Water Extraction - using the latest technology and equipment we'll contain and remove all visible water as quickly as possible
  • Structural Drying - thermal imaging technology is used to locate all unseen water to help us remove every last drop
  • Dehumidification - powerful dehumidifiers are put to work all over your property to eradicate moisture and speed up the natural drying process
  • Odour Control - one side effect of flood water is a strong, musty odour but we eliminate it with a method called oxidisation
  • Sanitisation - risks to your health are combated using anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial cleaning treatments, for you and your families well being
  • Carpet Cleaning - rugs don't take kindly to being under water so we effectively remove stains, odours, dirt and dust using steam heat extraction
  • Water Damage Insurance - don't struggle with your insurance claim, let us assist and get the reimbursement you deserve
  • Pest Control - we specialise in the removal of pests regularly found during the aftermath of flooding
  • Gutter Cleaning - don't suffer the ordeal of blocked gutters, let us free and clean them of fallen leaves and other detritus
  • Mould Damage - mould loves damp and humid conditions which is why it's often found after a flood, but we'll eradicate it using powerful solutions and treatments

All Over Chelsea You Can Find Help With Our Rising Damp Solutions

You can get help with flood damage repair and rising damp solutions wherever you live in Chelsea. Give us a call or go online if you live in one of the following areas:

  • Brompton
  • Cremome
  • Hans Town
  • Redcliffe
  • Royal Hospital
  • Stanley

Dehumidifier Hire Can Be Arranged Online or Over the Phone

Go online or give us a call if you need prices and more information regarding dehumidifier hire. We're available to answer your questions regarding your options if you need flood damage repair. Our phone line 020 3404 5117 is manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by friendly and helpful customer support staff whose goal is to make things simple and relieve some of the stress. We have a simple to complete booking form and instant chat option if you'd rather communicate online. We're ready and waiting for you to get in touch.