London Flood Restoration

Fulham Water Damage Restoration Experts To Restore Your Property

Shocked by the amount of water in your property after a flood? Don’t worry! We’re water damage restoration professionals - we’ll contain and remove any standing water, then dry and sanitize your property. When we’re done you’ll wonder whether your home had ever been flooded. Get in touch with us when you’re in dire need – we guarantee we’ll come through for you. We’re here all day, every day in the call centre. We’ll be ready and willing to help whenever or however you get in touch.

Specialist Treatments, State-of-the-art Equipment and Professional Technicians

We pride ourselves on the standard of our floor damage repair in Fulham, we want to give all our customers the best value for money – here’s how we do it:

  • Assistance with any insurance claims you may be required to make
  • Rebuilding and refurbishment of affected areas at a price you can afford
  • Confident decision making and refined water removal techniques
  • London and the South East of England coverage through the various regionally-based teams
  • Skilled professional engineers, builders and cleaning personnel
  • 24/7 customer support via the call centre, website chat feature and easy-to-use booking form

Our reviews displays the testimonials we’ve been sent – feel free to check them out!

Browse Our Excellent Services

See more info about our highly regarded mould removal and water damage restoration services below:

  • Water extraction: the priority is to contain mobile and settled water – we’ll effectively use the state of the art water extraction equipment
  • Structural drying: we’ll lessen moisture levels to minimize potential damage to electrical operating systems and building utilities
  • Dehumidification: we’ll employ large, industrial strength dehumidifiers to reduce air moisture content by enhancing evaporation
  • Odour control: unpleasant smells will be neutralised with our house-hold friendly deodorizers which are safe for you and your family
  • Sanitization: breeding grounds for harmful bacteria and fungi will be eliminated with anti-viral and anti-bacterial cleaning solutions
  • Carpet cleaning: wet and smelly carpets will be restored using steam-heat extraction carpet cleaning technology
  • Water damage insurance: the highly qualified team members offer guaranteed results and an expert service
  • Pest control: we get effective results every time with our safe expertise in the removal of insects and rodents
  • Gutter cleaning: armed with the finest cleaning equipment the technicians will render precise and effective assistance
  • Mould damage: mould can cause serious health problems so the team will quickly and effectively eliminate the source


Our Rising Damp Solutions Are Mobile

Wondering whether we can come to you? Take a look at the places we’ll go to give you rising damp solutions:

  • Fulham Broadway
  • Munster
  • Palace Riverside
  • Sands End


Ask Our Advisers for Dehumidifier Hire – Contact Us

Our customer care advisers are available 24/7 on 020 3404 5117, their ready and able to arrange dehumidifier hire Fulham for you. We know some people don’t like to call so we’ve put in place two alternative methods of contacting us – one: enter your details into our booking form and get your own quote. Two: use our websites chat feature to speak to us over the Internet. Both ways are simple and easy. Our call centre team will ensure you get the best customer service possible.