London Flood Restoration

Reverse the Damage With our Water Damage Restoration Solutions

Are you in need of prompt assistance because you've found your home, office or business premises under water? Whether the result of a broken appliance, leaking pipework or rising river water our water damage restoration Hounslow service is the answer to your prayers. We have years of experience in the flood damage restoration industry and are eager to share it with you. Whether your property is residential or commercial we can renovate both inside and out. The teams are ready to help you 24/7, 365 days of the year. The menu includes mould removal, carpet cleaning, pest control and more.


Flood Damage Repair From a Winning Team

If you need flood damage repair in Hounslow for your property, whether it's your home or business, we have at disposal the best equipment currently available. Because of this we can guarantee an immediate response to your crisis and the best possible results. The expert restoration and refurbishment techniques will get your life back on track and ensure maximum protection and performance for the interior and exterior. Other benefits you can enjoy include:

  • The services of engineers, builders and cleaners
  • Your satisfaction is the one and only goal and we work tirelessly to achieve it in every project we undertake
  • The prices are cost-effective, with further discounts possible when combining two or more services
  • The expertise, prices and enthusiasm are unmatched in the neighbourhood
  • Superior final results are possible because we use industrial strength and technologically advanced equipment
  • Day or night, including weekends and bank holidays, we're on call for an immediate response
  • We're sympathetic to your situation and eager to make the solution as stress-free as possible

We regularly receive feedback from our customers and you can see what they have to say on our reviews.

Mould Removal in Hounslow and so Much More

Getting your life back on track is not easy when you're faced with the need for flood damage repair. Mould removal and carpet cleaning in Hounslow are just two options we make available, and can tailor a package to suit your needs. Read a bit more below about the services we currently offer:

  • Water Extraction - first and most important step is to contain and remove the excess water, without which no further progress can be made
  • Structural Drying - thermal imaging technology is put to good use to seek out all moisture so it can be effectively removed
  • Dehumidification - speeding up the natural drying process is the best way to go and we have industrial strength dehumidifiers to assist us
  • Odour Control - unpleasant odours, a regular side effect of flood water, are banished by oxidisation techniques
  • Sanitisation - expert removal of unfriendly bacteria, viruses and fungi is achieved with top notch products
  • Carpet Cleaning - stains, dirt and dust together with harmful bacteria are successfully treated using steam heat extraction for rugs and upholstery
  • Water Damage Insurance - you'll be given your own project manager, provided with realistic schedules and detailed costings for a quick resolution to your claim
  • Pest Control - if the water problem has brought in unwanted insects or vermin our pest control methods will eradicate the infestation
  • Gutter Cleaning - cleaning and unblocking gutters is important to direct excess water away from the building
  • Mould Damage - mould and bacteria is not conducive to a healthy life so we'll help out and remove the problem

If You Live in Hounslow We Have Successful Rising Damp Solutions

If you need rising damp solutions or flood damage repair we have a team operating in your area and they're waiting for your call. We cover the following areas in Hounslow:

  • Bedfont
  • Brentford
  • Chiswick Homefields and Riverside
  • Cranford
  • Feltham North and West
  • Hanworth and Hanworth Park
  • Heston Central, East and West
  • Hounslow Central
  • Hounslow Heath
  • Hounslow South and West
  • Isleworth
  • Osterley and Spring Grove
  • Syon
  • Turnham Green


Dehumidifier Hire Takes One Quick Call

When you're faced with a foot or two of water where it shouldn't be, you need to act quickly to prevent further damage and restore the status quo. You can go it alone and hire a dehumidifier in Hounslow or make use of the water damage restoration services we'll be willing to offer you. Call 020 3404 5117 to speak to our customer service team and book your appointment straight away. Alternatively chat online or fill in our booking form. Keep your damage to a minimum - we'll be working with the maximum effort, both decisively and eagerly.