London Flood Restoration

Water Damage Restoration for Commercial and Residential Properties

Are you struggling to get back on your feet following an unwelcome and untimely ingress of water? Professional water damage restoration in Kingston upon Thames, from a reputable company, is the only real answer to get you up and running after this kind of crisis. The good news is that we've been honing the skills and earning a good reputation for more than 10 years and can come to your rescue, wherever you live in London and the South East. Teams of engineers, cleaners and builders are waiting to spring into action to keep your damage to a minimum and work at restoring things to the way you remember. We work with empathy, honesty and efficiency to keep your stress at a manageable level.

Friendly Support During Your Flood Damage Repair

Both private and commercial property owners in Kingston upon Thames have benefited from our flood damage repair over the years we've been in business. We've learnt a lot since the beginning, because it's important to keep improving and growing the business. We listen to our customers and take on board their suggestions, some published on our reviews page. When you book one of our services you'll enjoy:

  • Competitive prices that won't add to the stress
  • Communication 24/7 with our expert customer support team
  • Work performed by high quality and trained engineers, cleaners and builders
  • A property brought back from under the water quickly and efficiently and safe once more
  • Further savings if you book more than one service
  • Customised solutions to your flooding crisis

Mould Removal And More in Kingston upon Thames

Booking more than one service at the same time, for example carpet cleaning and mould removal, attracts further discounts so let's give you a list of our services:

  • Water Extraction - a vital first step in any restoration project - quick and effective containment then complete removal
  • Structural Drying - thermal imaging technology is used to find all latent moisture so we can proceed with the vital stage of removal from all the structures
  • Dehumidification - large and powerful dehumidifiers are used to speed up and improve the natural drying process
  • Odour Control - removal of nasty smells, often associated with flooding, is an important step in getting things back to normal
  • Sanitisation - harmful bacteria, viruses and fungus are eradicated using powerful solutions
  • Carpet Cleaning - we've the experience needed to get your carpets clean and fresh once more
  • Water Damage Insurance - we'll act professionally and efficiently to make your insurance claim run smoothly
  • Pest Control - if you've been invaded by a host of unfriendly pests we'll get them under control and restore your peace and quiet
  • Gutter Cleaning - keeping your gutters clean is an effective defence so we use powerful vacuums to remove leaves and other detritus
  • Mould Damage - to help prevent infections and contamination we use a specialist treatment for removal of mould

For Rising Damp Solutions and Flood Damage Repair in Kingston upon Thames

Rising damp solutions, flood damage repair and more are available in your area. We cover:

  • Alexandra
  • Berrylands
  • Beverley
  • Canbury
  • Chessington North and Hook
  • Chessington South
  • Coombe Hill
  • Coombe Vale
  • Grove
  • Norbiton
  • Old Malden
  • St James
  • St Mark's
  • Surbiton Hill
  • Tolworth and Hook
  • RiseTudor


Call Now for Dehumidifier Hire, Day or Night

Dial 020 3404 5117 if you need dehumidifier hire in Kingston upon Thames or help recovering from flooding! We keep our lines open and manned 24/7 because you can't predict when disaster will strike. We're eagerly waiting to receive your call and jump into action to provide the support you need at this crucial time. Don't try and tackle the issue alone but get in touch and enjoy a cost-effective solution that'll get things back to normal quicker and better than going solo. Alternatively use our online options in the form of a chat facility or simple booking form. Our aim is to make the whole problem float away!