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Rising Dampness London

Rising dampness is generally a clear sign that water damage is taking place in your property. If you've noticed rising dampness, standing water or latent moisture in your property, London Water Damage Restoration can act quickly and decisively to prevent further problems and remedy the existing damage visited on your property by rising dampness. Rising dampness can be identified by musty odors, stains or discoloration on walls, floors or ceilings, or the presence of standing water. It typically has the following causes:

To combat rising dampness and attending flood damage, London Water Damage Restoration uses a Remedial Damp-Proof Course Treatment. The water damage specialists inject a damp-roofing fluid into the structure of your property to prevent further leaks or seepage of moisture into inhabited areas. While this is one of the most technically challenging procedures used in water damage restoration, it also one of the most effective at stopping rising dampness and preventing further incidents of water damage.

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