London Flood Restoration

Stress-Free Water Damage Restoration Southwark - Here!

We’re an emergency flood and water damage restoration company in Southwark that guarantees you excellent results. It’s easy to say, but we’ve got the reputation and reviews to confirm it. Look no further than us for a combination of affordability and quality – our wide-ranging services include insurance assistance and even gutter and carpet cleaning. We’ve been performing these duties with trained skill for years and years, and the work has benefited hundreds of people. We’re dependable, decisive and considerate.

Effective Flood Damage Repair - You Need Us!

The positive feedback on our reviews proves that the flood damage repair services in Southwark we provide really do make a difference. The team will ensure you receive:

  • Water damage restoration suitable for homes, offices and schools
  • Skilled professionals with years of experience in the industry
  • Modern pumping and drying equipment
  • Assistance with claims to reduce stress and anxiety
  • Competitive and fair prices with all promises kept
  • 24/7 contact available by phone, chat facility or email
  • Complete satisfaction with the end results


More Service Details on Mould Removal and Other Services

We’re an environmentally-aware company and strive to use eco-friendly products wherever possible. Our Southwark mould removal solutions are anti-bacterial and anti-viral for your peace of mind. We safely and effectively perform:

  • Water extraction: using high-powered electric pumps we’ll extract and remove all moving and settled water
  • Structural drying: industrial drying fans will increase air movement and reduce moisture levels, minimizing potential damage
  • Dehumidification: the equipment we use achieves extremely dry air to greatly speed up natural evaporation
  • Odour control: we won’t pose any health risks to your family and pets - we use ozone technology and household-friendly deodorizers
  • Sanitization: we’ll use anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal solutions to get positive results!
  • Carpet cleaning: pre-treatments and deodorization are available, in addition to our thorough deep carpet cleaning and restoration skills
  • Water damage insurance: let the qualified team help you with realistic schedules and guaranteed results
  • Pest control: when you need cost-effective and reliable pest extermination you can hire the experts once, or on a long-term basis
  • Gutter cleaning: we’ll provide an elite solution to all your drainage system problems using modern elevation and gutter clearance technology
  • Mould damage: our specialist treatment of areas affected by mould will solve the problems of unpleasant growth


Areas Where We Deliver Rising Damp Solutions in Southwark

The water left in the aftermath of a flood can be almost as destructive as the event itself – our Southwark rising damp solutions stop this from happening. See if we cover your area:

  • Brunswick Park
  • Camberwell Green
  • Cathedrals
  • Chaucer
  • College
  • East Dulwich
  • East Walworth
  • Faraday
  • Grange
  • Livesey
  • Newington
  • Nunhead
  • Peckham
  • Peckham Rye
  • Riverside
  • Rotherhithe
  • South Bermondsey
  • South Camberwell
  • Surrey Docks
  • The Lane
  • Village


Booking Process Made Simple

You can contact the Southwark team for dehumidifier hire any time of the day or night on 020 3404 5117 - we’ll never turn you away. Fill out our booking form to get a no-obligation quote and make your own booking. Use our website's chat feature to speak to one of the professional advisers online with no-obligation. We’ll give you accurate prices with no hidden charges. The team is filled with seasoned professionals who know our business like the back of their hands – we’re always considerate of the issues our customer are facing, including insurance, and we’ll be happy to assist you with all of them. Arrange our help over the phone today!