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Basement Drying London

London Water Damage Restoration provides effective rapid-response basement drying and water removal services across London and beyond. The tricky thing about basement dampness is the fact that damage is not always visible - and that it can have disastrous long-term structural and aesthetic consequences as a result. Symptoms of rising dampness and the need for structural drying in your property include:

  • Standing pools of water in your basement
  • Peeling paint, musty odours, rusty metal fixtures - even without any visible water
  • Walls with damp spots
  • Water stains or white, powdery residue on walls
  • Water in a finished basement, stains on the base of panelling or wall board
  • Leaks originating directly from the wall and above floor level (burst main)
  • Puddles, trickles or small streams of water on floors, walls or ceilings
  • Water coming up through cracks in the floor


If you have noticed any of the above signs of water damage in your basement, call London Water Damage Restoration on 020 3404 5117. Or quickly fill in our call-me-back form. Our fast-acting water damage repair professionals can work to prevent further harm and will quickly restore the structure and contents of your property.