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Water Damage Restoration – Get Your Property Back to Normal

Water Damage Restoration LondonYou can easily tackle any water damage problems at your property with a quick phone call. With the help of our full-service water damage restoration in London your home (or workplace) will soon be back to normal. Talk to our helpful customer care staff as soon as possible and explain what's the situation as it will only get worse if you don't take immediate action.

Our Service Comes With Many Advantages

Pick a day and time that suit you best for a visit by a water damage restoration expert. Once on site he will assess the situation, then provide you with a comprehensive report that includes repair costs. Also, in case you have insurance against water damage, you can use our quote to claim it. We can even contact your insurance provider and handle this matter for you. With London Water Damage you get:

  • Customer care service available 24/7;
  • A range of flexible booking options;
  • Water damage assessment and repair costs report;
  • A team of experienced technicians;
  • Modern water damage repair methods;

Keep Calm, We Can Fix It! – Here's What We Offer You

Note that no repair procedures can take place until the affected areas are 100% free of moisture. In case your property is still humid, then we can supply you with high-performance sets of Dehumidifiers and Air-movers. This way we will get rid of the moisture much faster. After a certain period of time one of the technicians will come back to examine your property again. In case the moisture is gone, then we can begin the actual restoration work.

For easy reference, we can provide you with the following repair procedures:

1. Supply and install professional sets of Dehumidifiers and Air-movers

5. Bathroom refurbishment                                                               
2. Floor refurbishment:
  • Replace/repair sub-floors
  • Replace carpets
  • Replace vinyl flooring
  • Replace wooden flooring
  • Replace tiled, marble flooring
6. Electrical works
  • Checking, Inspection, Certification
  • Minor repair works
  • Complete rewiring
3. Wall refurbishment:
  • Hack off affected plaster
  • Re-plaster
  • Re-paint
  • Apply wallpapering
7. Plumbing works
  • Minor repair works
  • New plumbing system
  • New heating system
  • Gas related plumbing works
4. Ceiling refurbishment
  • Replace old lath and plaster ceiling to new plasterboard ceiling
  • Replace entirely/patch up plasterboard ceiling
  • Hack off affected plaster
  • Re-plaster
  • Re-paint
  • Apply wallpapering
8. Kitchen refurbishment

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