London Flood Restoration

The Top Water Damage Tips from London Water Damage Restoration

At London Water Damage Restoration, we realise that flood damage and other water-related problems often come as a shock. It can be nothing short of a traumatic experience for you and your family to have your lives disrupted in this way. But there are a few things which you can do to stop things from getting any worse…

Here are a few water damage tips you may find helpful while you're waiting for your restoration team to arrive:

  • Try to locate the source of the problem in advance, so that we can act quickly to prevent further damage to your property when we arrive
  • Remove as much of the water as possible with mops, cloths, a wet-vacuum or whatever suitable equipment you have on hand
  • Place aluminium or plastic foil under the legs of wooden furniture to prevent further damage
  • Most importantly - don't use any electric sockets or fittings that have been affected by the flood

For more information or to speak with a water damage emergency response expert, call 020 3404 5117. Or fill in the call-me back form at any time.